5th Division Website Log

       April 26, 2018—updates to home page, upcoming events, superintendent’s message, contact us  

       Feb 22, 2018—updated home page, upcoming events, hobby shops, model RR clubs

       Feb 20, 2018—updated home page, superintendent’s page, added Goat 21:1, annual meeting links, upcoming events

       Dec 2017-Jan 2018—updated superintendent’s page, home page, participating clubs, upcoming events

       September 28, 2017—updated superintendent’s page, home page, participating clubs, upcoming events

       August 15, 2017—updated officer pages, divisional events, fallen flags, superintendent’s page, and participating club listings

       June 11, removal of SFX 2017 pages and edits to the home page, edits to the following pages: related links, Divisional and Regional Events, and Goat Newsletter.     

       April 11—June 10, ongoing edits to SFX 2017 pages

       April 10, 2017, changes to Superintendent’s page, SFX 2017 pages, participating clubs page, removed business mtg. notice

       March 9, 2017, cleaned up landing page, added Contests page to SFX 2017 information

       March 8, 2017, update to Fallen Flags, SFX 2017

       November 1, 2016, major updates to SFX 2017, added info on 2017 5th Div. business meeting

       October 11, 2016, Superintendent’s page, SFX 2017 updates

       August 15, 2016, added SFX 2017 web page

       May 24, 2016, updated Fallen Flags, revised home page,  added SFX 2017 notice, renamed and moved website log, added Superintendent’s Page, removed DBM notice and map.

       April 14, 2016, Division Business Meeting notice

       March 10, 2016. Revised fallen flags page.       

       January 5, 2016. Revised officers listing.

       October 2, 2015. Revised officers listing, division clubs page, local hobby shops page.

       September 28, 2015. Updated officers listing. Removed outdated show listing.
May 19, 2015. Updated officers listing and contact info for webmaster, paymaster, and Goat Editor. Updated hosting account information.

       April 10, 2015. General Update 

       December 31, 2014. Posted The Goat Issue 20.1 The Goat Editor now shown as OPEN

September 29, 2014. Posted issue 19.4

September 24, 2014. Rebuilt Past Issues of The Goat page to fix broken links and missing issues.

August 28 2014: Update to Inland Empire N Scalers (Spokane)

June 26, 2014: Added issue 19.3; updated contact information for L/C club and Tri-City Model Railroaders

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