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The annual meeting on April 17 was attended by about 2 dozen hardy souls in masks at the Inland NW Rail Museum in Reardan, WA. Officers were elected for the upcoming years. Peter Armstrong, previously Assistant Superintendent, will assume the office of Superintendent on September 1. He will be replaced for the remainder of his term by Bill Voogd of Spokane. Dick Smith returns to the executive committee for a 2-year term as Paymaster, and Phil Miller will continue his term as Chief Clerk.

Our PNR President, Jeff Herrmann, who is a member of Division 5, presented the 2020 Presidentís Service Award to Dan Wise - the presentation was delayed a year by the pandemic.

Members heard clinics on Great Northern SD-7s and SD-9s from John Langlot, and on the Mount St. Helens car from Nate McKorkle, and later had the option of touring the layout at the River City Modelers in Spokane.

Attendees also could spend as much time as they wanted at the museum, and witnessed the ribbon cutting ceremony on a combined O-scale and On30-scale reconstruction of the Dr. Jon Wamba layout at the museum. Dr. Wamba is a retired dentist who formerly practiced in Davenport and Spokane, and who donated his extensive collection of vintage O-scale trains plus major elements of his layout (i.e., spectacular mountains) to the museum. It was reconstructed primarily by local NMRA members: Jerry Fey, Tim Bristow, Nate McKorkle, Bill Voogd, and Bill Fassett.

The Inland NW Rail Museum is a Sustaining Member of the NMRA, and NMRA members receive discounts on admission with presentation of their NMRA membership cards.


If you have a home layout or modules comprising at least 8 square feet with scenery, you may be eligible for a Golden Spike Award if you can also:

 Display 6 units of rolling stock (scratchbuilt, craftsman kits, or detailed commercial kits)

 Display 5 structures (scratchbuilt, craftsman kits, or detailed commercial kits)

 Display 3 types of trackage, properly ballasted and installed on a proper roadbed ó commercial trackage may be used

 Trackage must be wired for the simultaneous operation of 2 trains

 Display one additional electrical feature (signals, wired turnouts, lighting)

If you meet these criteria, then contact me and I will work to get someone to your layout to evaluate it when conditions permit. We will also help you determine if you should be working towards additional AP awards. Click here to see the Golden Spike Award Application Form.

Bill Fassett


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