Where is the 5th Division?

The 5th Division includes Eastern Washington, Northern Idaho, Montana, and Northeast Oregon.  The principal cities are Wenatchee WA, Spokane WA, Lewiston ID, Missoula MT, Helena, MT, Pendleton OR, Yakima, WA, and the Tri Cities (Richland, Kennewick, and Pasco WA).


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Shirley Sample wins 2017 NMRA President’s Award for Service to the Division

A new national award was announced for the first time at the NMRA Orlando Convention by President Charlie Getz. “If you belong to a Division, you know exactly the person we’re talking about. We’re talking about the guy who puts in far more hours than anyone else. The woman who has done the thankless paperwork tasks for the last 12 years, never complaining, and never gets credit. The member who shows up early at every swap meet to help set up the tables, then stays late to help clean up and take everything down.” The award is the NMRA President’s Award for Service to the Division.

The first 18 recipients nationwide were named at the Convention, and our own Shirley Sample was one of them! Here’s the statement from the October 2017 NMRA Magazine:

Shirley Sample (Pacific Northwest Region) - For more than 20 years, Shirley has been the “go to” person when something needed to happen in the Fifth Division. Shirley has been at the center of virtually every Division activity to the point where, if something good happens, you can be sure Shirley is in the middle of that success. From getting others to help with activities to personally stepping up to fill critical vacancies, Shirley is always there.