Fallen Flags – In Memoriam

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Linda Lippincott, Newport, WA (January 2023)

Milt Snyder, Spokane, WA (September 2022)

Ron Petersen, Mead, WA (May 2022)

James F. Haley, Spokane, WA (August 2021)

Kenneth W. Evers, College Place, WA (July 2021)

David M. Johnston, Whitefish, MT (May, 2021)

Jim Ficker, Lewiston, ID (February, 2021)

Al Cunningham, Spokane, WA (February 2021)

Steele Burkey, Missoula, MT (January 2021)

Michael Hartung, Nine Mile Falls, WA (October 2020)

Don Reuszer, Coeur d’Alene, ID (September 2020)

Charles Mutschler, Cheney, WA (March 2019)

Roy Holmes, Kennewick, WA (March 2019)

Don McGilvray, Spokane, WA (October 2018)

Bill Rutledge, Missoula, MT (July 2017)

Don Locke, Wenatchee, WA (February 2017)

Bob Sample, Spokane, WA (January 2017)

Gerry Bailey, Spokane, WA (May 2016)

Wil Seaver, Grangeville ID, (April 2016)

Geno Sponcler, Spokane, WA (February, 2016)

Ben Jenness, Moscow, ID (June, 2015)

Wayne Walling, Lewis-Clark Train Club (May, 2015)

Ken Anderson, Lewis-Clark Train Club (May, 2015)


The Following members were first listed by the Region in March 2021, their actual dates of passing are not known:

Hugh Ebright, Spokane, WA

Robert L. Foster, Post Falls, ID

Charles G. Heimerdinger, Veradale, WA

Glen Krause, Spokane, WA

Hilary H. Leiss, Deer Park, WA

Ben J. Lenoue, Spokane, WA

Guy A. Matzinger (Life Member), Cheney, WA

Richard G. Semple, Spokane, WA

Philip R. Slocum, Coeur d’ Alene, ID

Steve Wesolowski, Spokane, WA

Burt Whitney, Hayden, ID